What Makes U Sk8 the Fastest

by Death Rattle Lyf

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Written and recorded in one night in Red Hook, Brooklyn


released April 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Death Rattle Lyf Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: The pool coping at owls head
ya know when when threats on ur axel nut are so fujed up at the skatepark that yo u have the choicr to either quit skatin or smash ur truck into the concrete untill the nut is just savagely smeared down the axel with all faith in ur threds abandined but u gotta because how else are you gunna smear urself against the concrete and maybe fuckin smash your dome like u know its its comin uknow when your bushings rot iff u just gotta llet it rock because if not than how else ar eyou going to interupt all progression or what are you even doing like where the sma eas the kids smoking in the bottom of the bowl we are the kids in the deeep end we are the drowned but we’re comin up
Track Name: Black leather couch at steve and li's new apartment
kidz spend time in these rooms and i dont am learning what th what they do its getting nicer and its nice when it feels warmer its good to know familiar people in the rooms your and i want to share rooms

and also like the fuckin acontinent togrther
Track Name: The very center of the drain of my bathtub
why dos dak male my easy sleepy i find myself soaking

heat must go somewhereelse
Track Name: D E L I C A T
piss spots sk8 spots lossie spot smoke spot

deli cat
Track Name: The gate at owls head
lick the fucking curb and like it more spitting on th on the street is a tritual

why do we lurk lurk like we do and wheaty is it that regulates the comraderie imurderubg boys sounds fun but murdering girls and ur fucking fucking done

stop lurking and start calling yourself a girl
Track Name: Black Sheep Hooligans
skateboard so so far skateboard far skateboard skateboate fuck the cars

sometimes its necessacry to to do it whever it feels nice sometime you have to run and push your feet and run as fast as possible away from things the you trefues to cope with and sometime its easier nort to cosider when you do beside your friends but very few days you have to skate alone and thats when you skate the fastest